Classic Kampot Spice Blend

Classic Kampot Spice Blend

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Matching world-renowned Kampot pepper with fruity Aleppo chilli flakes and mineral-rich Himalayan rock salt, use as a rub, sprinkle as a finishing touch, or mix with fresh lime juice to create a traditional Cambodian dipping sauce.

Kampot Pepper has been grown amongst the azure hills of steamy Southern Cambodia for hundreds of years. Thirteenth-century accounts by Chinese explorer Tchéou Ta Kouan even mention the highly-respected spice. Though production largely ceased under the brutal Khmer Rouge regime of the early 1970s, the Cambodian pepper industry has fought to regain its former glory. Recently, Kampot Pepper was granted
Protected Geographical Indicator (PGI) status, making it the champagne of the pepper world and In chef circles, Kampot Pepper is now regarded as being the finest in the world.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Ingredients: Ingredients: Black Kampot Pepper (Poivre de Kampot), Aleppo chilli flakes, (processed with sunflower oil and salt), Himalayan salt.
Total Weight: 100 grams
Instructions: Once opened, store in a dry and cool dark space


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