Stony Groves specialises in delicious, luxury, gourmet products from around the world, including our flagship spice, Kampot Pepper and Himalayan Rock Salt.

Last year we also launched our fabulous new Spice Blends and Spice Mills, as well as Salted Fresh Kampot Pepper. You will have never tasted anything like it!

Now deep in wintery Dorset we're in product development mode as well as finalising our market & food festival diary. Keep a look out for new products to be launched in the spring. As always, they will be delicious, gourmet & innovative.

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Stony Groves is the brainchild of George Norbert-Munns - a New Zealander who has recently been granted British citizenship. He spent nearly a decade developing and operating bars, restaurants, and retail outlets in Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital city.

"Having always loved food and cookery, I take enormous pride in putting on dinner parties, having our extended families for lunch, nailing Christmas, or just throwing together a simple supper for my family," George says.

"I vividly remember staying with my grandparents as a child. While sitting at the breakfast table, Granny would say, 'There is one thing in life you can have as much of as you like - butter". She was making up for post-war rationing. Though it's probably not the best thing to say in this day and age, her words stuck in my mind.

"Unsurprisingly, my first product line is pepper, because while Granny loved butter, my mother LOVES pepper. I have taken her love of pepper on board (literally) and it features heavily in my cookery. 

"Cookery to me is all about preparation, timing, fresh ingredients, simplicity, tasting, smelling, and 'the feel'. My plates of food are simple, if not a little naughty, and I pride myself on using delicious ingredients. Some of my recipes come from travelling and learning about different ingredients and cooking methods; some are my mother's dishes from when we were children; some are super simple meals that I cook for my family week to week.

"Stony Groves comes from a passion for food and travel. Having lived in Southeast Asia, I have tasted and cooked with so many interesting and delicious ingredients. Who would have thought that green mango dipped in salt, coconut sugar, chilli, and Black Kampot Pepper makes sense? Oh, but it does (see recipe in our Cookery section). Nowadays, with a young family and the way the world is, travel isn't exactly easy. So, I plan to bring delicious ingredients and recipes to your homes and kitchens instead."