Green Mango Dip with Black Kampot Pepper

One of my fondest memories of Cambodia was our local fruit seller. He cruised around on his (totally unsafe looking) modified moto, which had a perspex cabinet attached to one side. 

Among his specialties, my favourites were the baby pineapples (amazingly he still had eight fingers and two thumbs), papaya, mangostene, and, of course, green mango.

On its own, green mango (which is crunchy and sour, rather like a particularly tart apple) is unappetising, but this dipping mix is a total game changer.

You'll need:

  • Stony Groves Black Kampot Pepper
  • salt flakes
  • chili flakes 
  • coconut sugar
  • green mango (or try a crunchy sour apple)

Slice the mango into fingers. Add equal parts Stony Groves Black Kampot Pepper, salt flakes, chili, and coconut sugar. Mix well.

Now for the good part - dip the mango fingers into the mix and get it in your mouth ASAP.

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